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Guardian Warm Roof

Choose from a range of beautiful styles and then see how you can design a space to meet your needs and complement your home.

The Guardian Warm Roof System allows our customers to upgrade and replace their existing conservatory roof in order to enjoy the many benefits of a warm roof. Or, if you’re having a conservatory installed, you can of course have a Guardian Warm Roof installed right away.

The Guardian Warm Roof System is essentially a solid, insulated and tiled roof. This will give your conservatory more of a feel of an open and airy extension rather than a basic conservatory.

The main benefit of a warm roof over a traditional conservatory roof is the far superior thermal efficiency. This will make the conservatory much more energy efficient, which we know is a big concern for most people due to rising energy prices. The added thermal efficiency also means that you conservatory will stay more shaded and cooler in the summer, yet warmer and more insulated in the winter.

Our roofing comes in a variety of styles and colours. This enables us to provide the perfect shape, style and colour that you require and this also enables us to fit the roof with the style of your property as seamlessly as possible.

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Benefits Of Warm Roofing

Upgrade or have a new conservatory installed
Get the feel of an extension
Choose from a variety of styles and colours
No need to apply for any building regulations
Easily installed with a minimum of fuss and disruption
Wide range of interior finishes available

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